Play Candy Clicker Unblocked Game


In Candy Clicker, the player is given the opportunity to just relax and have a good time. This clicker provides a competent set of options for the player to provide him with comfortable gameplay and a gradual progression that will favorably affect the gameplay experience.

A feature of this clicker is the achievement system. Throughout the game, the player will receive notifications that an achievement has been received. Achievements are given for completing some goals (for example, to accumulate one thousand points) or for certain actions during the game (for example, the fact that the player was able to catch a golden candy that sometimes flies in front of the player). Achievements do not provide additional points, but they still help the player to gradually progress while playing Candy Clicker.

Various upgrades are available for the player in the booster shop. There are eleven types of upgrades here (which cost between twenty-five points and one hundred billion points). Each of these boosters can also be upgraded an infinite number of times. Due to these features, a large field is created for experimenting with pumping variations while you play Candy Clicker.

Relaxed gameplay, nice visual style, beautiful music, and sounds make this game a great option as a time killer. The game does not require constant attention or skill, just sit back and relax.

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