Play CoinBlock Clicker Unblocked Game


CoinBlock Clicker is a classic representative of the clicker genre. This genre was popular on mobile devices, and now it's available right in your PC browser. The meaning of this game is in constant progression, you click on the image and get points for it. You can spend these points on upgrades that will speed up your progression.


So, for watching ads you get either "instant points" or "double points" – this means that your income will double within the next two minutes after receiving this booster (Do not forget that the game receives constant updates, which means that there will be new boosters soon). Other upgrades are bought with the points you earn. During the game, you accumulate a certain amount (for example, half a million), and then buy the upgrade you need. You should carefully consider the choice of upgrades for purchase, because they are very expensive and if, for example, you choose an upgrade that does not suit your style of play, then it will be difficult for you to continue playing.

Graphics and visuals.

CoinBlock Clicker is presented in a retro style. Large pixels, rough shapes, bright colors, interesting sounds, and music – all this refers to the games of the eighties or nineties. Retro wave is very popular right now, so this style will appeal to a huge number of players who decide to check out CoinBlock Clicker.

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