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What are clicker games?

Clicker games are one of the most popular online games that are played at work or school. Due to the simple gameplay and low computer requirements, millions of players play clickers every day. In order to start playing you will need a computer or laptop, a browser and a mouse. If you will be playing from a laptop, we advise you not to use the touchpad. Instead, it is better to connect a regular mouse - it will be much more convenient.

The plot

The main plot of clicker games is for you to make as many clicks as possible on the playing field. With each click, you will earn points that you can use to improve your performance. Upgrades can include automatic clicks, multiplication (for example, 1 click will give you 100 points or more!), various external improvements and much more.

About us

On our site you can find a collection of the most popular clicker games. Millions of players play them all over the world! Just choose the game you like and dive into the world of clicks!

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