Play Weaponsmith Idle Unblocked Game


One more idle game when you need to get resources just to reach a certain point. This point really depends on the gamer. The more resources he will get the more chances to get the necessary weapon. The number of weapons available there is quite big.

When you open the game Weaponsmith Idle, you will see a traditional copy of the game when you need to get resources. It is very close to Minecraft. At least, the idea is quite close. You need to click again and again to get this or that one thing.

In the game you have three main squares, where you can get three main resources. They are used to get the necessary thing later. You can level them up in order they bring you even more profit. Everything depends on the gamer, how soon you will achieve this or that level.

Weaponsmith Idle is a game for lazy people, who prefer just sitting in front of the screen and click one button of the mouse. So, it is a good chance to relax and collect the necessary things for further development. This game is run with the help of the mouse. The gamer just need to click the necessary field. The more clicks he does, the more chances he will have to get just what he wanted. Swords can be changed for various types, for example. Other things are possible to change too.

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