Play Idle Hurricane Unblocked Game


Idle Hurricane is a browser-based click game for use in HTML5 environments. You are acting on behalf of a destructive hurricane, so your task is to ruin everything around. It's cruel enough, but there is a chance that you are an evil genius who is trying to control the nature. In any case, move along the streets of the city at an incredible speed.

As the game progresses, you should increase the size of the twister, which corresponds to a certain level of weather danger. You do this with quick mouse clicks on the rotating whirlwind. Once you reach a certain amount of money, you can raise the level of tornado danger.

Remember that you can earn the points. For example, in the left corner get specific rewards. At the first stages of the game, you will be offered double money – to pick them up, just click on the reward. Earn more by activating the “Cash Boost” function. Click on the white area around the storm in the districts with the largest amount of urban infrastructure.

Pay attention to the benefits and bonuses. The size of a tornado is measured in LVL. At the same time, it can move in four directions, not just in a straight line. When a hurricane moves without your participation, you also earn points, but its speed and level may decrease at the same time. For an additional fee, control the strength of the wind, as well as engage helpers (small blue tornados). All this stimulates the expansion of the radius of destruction.

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