Play Planet Evolution Unblocked Game


Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker is a funky and dope game. It’s a super relaxed experience that’ll have players creating and customizing their own planets from scratch. Simplicity and fun doesn’t usually go hand in hand. However, this idle clicker blends them together to offer endless entertainment. With one task at hand you’re free to decorate any celestial body you want across the universe with a ton of things. The game is simple to get started on but has way more depth than you think, collecting and upgrading features, special boosters, and even a prestige system to speed up progress. You can also earn coins while offline which makes it one of those games where you don’t have to play it all day every day just to get ahead. Plus there’s a leaderboard! It shows how well off everyone else is doing in real-time so if you wanna flex your planet design skills then definitely try climbing the ranks. Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker was created by Leek & Ribs Games and they made sure that pretty much anyone could play it as long as they had an Android, iOS or WebGL device handy. Anybody looking for something easy going will love this game because the creators describe it as a “cosmic journey filled with surprises and discoveries.”

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