Play Kiwi Clicker Unblocked Game


Pleasant, exciting, and very cute - these are the words to describe the Kiwi Clicker game. Here the player takes on the role of a bird that needs to constantly produce a large amount of kiwi in order to send it to the castle and receive coins for the work done.

This game is filled with various mechanics that can be useful during the game. The game does not have an ultimate goal, that is, you cannot deliver all the kiwi to the castle in general. The game is endless and endlessly challenges the player. You need to constantly think about how you will proceed further, whether you should increase the speed of serving kiwis or their storage or other elements in the chain that leads from you to the castle where you need to deliver kiwis.

The game has a nice visual style that goes well with a nice soundtrack and sounds of the game. The game creates a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere and completely involves the player in itself.

Kiwi Clicker is not an ordinary clicker, it is a unique representative of the genre that definitely deserves attention from players (especially from fans of the genre, and just from people who want to kill some time). Some of the difficulties may put some players off at first, but once you learn the game a little, it will be impossible to put down.

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