Play Monopoly Clicker Unblocked Game


Monopoly Clicker is a famous board game in the browser version for HTML5 platforms. You will roll the dice again and take steps to make the most profitable deals. Strive to earn as much money as possible to ensure financial stability, as well as discover more advantages of the game. Choose the skin and start developing your empire! Just don't forget about the well-known rules and “Prison” squares. The cursor image on the playing field will help to expand your business several times over.

To make a throw, press the left mouse button. If desired, you can turn off the music and sound. Customize the display of your income and profit from shares. Clicking the “Prestige” tab, you can also reset the current game and change the playing field, saving your money and receiving bonuses in the form of additional funds and industrial/residential facilities. Achievements help you purchase stocks at a better value. At each level, you have the opportunity to increase the income by some percents.

You can also receive rewards when viewing ads. As soon as a chip passes the “Start” point, a player receives a bonus for completing a full circle of the playing field. The coefficient and the numbers dropped on the dice are also displayed on the screen. You can also see the bonus coefficient of the opponent. Golden tickets allow you to double your earnings, but the condition is valid for several seconds. This option is great for making hot deals.

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