Play DogeMiner Unblocked Game


If you are looking for something more than a simple clicker, then you should definitely check out DogeMiner. The game is based on the popular Internet meme "Doge" and combines several genres, including clicker and strategy elements.

The goal of the DogeMiner game is to send your Doge to the moon, but in order to do so, you need to earn a lot of points. This game is an active clicker, you will not be able to just press one button and watch your number of points grow. During the game, bonuses will constantly appear that need to be collected (these bonuses can be in the form of additional points or in the form of loot).

The game has a loot system. During the game, you will be constantly given new loot. Loot is a passive item that improves some of your characteristics (depending on each specific loot), or active equipment - a pickaxe, with which your Doge mines points in order to go to the moon. Each pickaxe has unique stats and can be a very effective point mining tool.

DogeMiner has a store and upgrades. In the store, you can buy little Doge partners that will help you earn points faster, and there are many more interesting things in the store, for example, the Space Rocket, with which you can fly to the moon. In the "upgrades" menu, you can purchase various boosters in order to increase the speed of obtaining points.

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