Play Idle Emoji Factory Unblocked Game


Idle Emoji Factory is a fun html5 click game for fans of chatting on the internet. The action takes place in a fantastic factory for the production of smiling faces and various emojis. Starting the game, you will see containers with various types of emoticons and unusual devices in the form of levers, iron hands and even space portals. Above each tank is a price, which means the amount of funds that you need to activate the container. After activation, you will see the image, and then, new smiles will fall on the line.

Your task is to catch emoji. Playing in browser use the left mouse button or the “C” button, with similar functionality. Click funny faces either alternately or several at once. Remember about bonuses that pop up on the background during the game. These may be promotional offers that increase your earnings by several times. By clicking on the rocket at the bottom of the screen, you will receive a four-fold bonus when viewing the promotional offer.

Each type of image has its price, and the cost increases. You also have a choice: play with one type of emoji, waiting for its cost to increase, or activate other containers and get higher income. Remember that it takes a lot of money to get access to other images. It’s quite difficult to earn them manually. Therefore, use all kinds of bonuses as you progress through the game. For example, money bombs can destroy a massive emoji group, increasing your earnings.

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