Play Planet Clicker 2 Unblocked Game


Planet Clicker 2 is the sequel to the popular clicker about collecting energy from the planets of our solar system. This time around, there are a lot more options. Now the player has access to nine planets (including the Sun) for energy production.

Earning energy in this game will not be easy for now, but the player is given a wide range of tools to make this task easier. Firstly, the player should constantly use the shop with various improvements, because there are many incredibly useful boosters that will help the player to reduce the time on the way to buying a new planet as quickly as possible. Energy points are not the only currency that is used in Planet Clicker 2. There is also another currency that is given exclusively for watching a short commercial, but obtaining it greatly simplifies the game process. You can also get an energy accelerator for watching ads (which will not last long but will still be useful).

In the beginning, Planet Clicker 2 may seem complicated to the average person, but this is a deceptive impression. In just a few minutes, the player will be showered with opportunities to constantly increase the number of energy points received. Subsequently, the player will only be required to perform minimal resource management in order to gradually increase the speed of obtaining points.

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