Play Planet Clicker Unblocked Game


Planet Clicker is a pleasant game with measured and addictive gameplay where you have to pump out all the energy from the planets of the solar system. At first, only Earth will be available to you, but as soon as you collect enough energy on Earth, another planet will become available for you to purchase. You should be careful about your accumulated resources because another planet will be very expensive (for example, Mars costs one million points of energy), so you should carefully plan your spending.

In Planet Clicker, there is something to spend the accumulated points on, for improvements. By acquiring new upgrades, you will more and more efficiently accumulate new energy points. The following improvements are available to you in the store: double the number of clicks per tap; adding one point of energy every second (this is a passive upgrade, the player does not need to click at this time), there are also variations of the same skill, but they add ten points of energy, one hundred and twenty points of energy, one thousand points of energy and five thousand points of energy.

Accordingly, the more useful the skill, the more expensive it will cost, you will have to strain and correctly distribute all the points in order to achieve maximum success and move on to the next planet. You should also pay attention to the statistics of your actions in order to analyze (or show off to your friends) your result in the Planet Clicker game.

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