Play Cookie Clicker Unblocked Game


This game is a classic clicker with progression elements. There are many options available to the player to diversify the Cookie Clicker gameplay and make it more enjoyable.

The player will take on the role of a baker and bake some cookies (there is an option to name the bakery yourself or choose a random name). During the game Cookie Clicker, the player will gradually accumulate points, which are similar to baked cookies, and, accordingly, the gameplay contributes to constant progress. With these points, you can buy various boosters and upgrades, for example, you can call Grandma, who will help you cook more cookies. At the same time, even these boosters have room for improvement (for example, you can buy a rolling pin for Grandma and she will cook cookies faster and faster).

The game Cookie Clicker has the ability to track statistics. The statistics are very detailed and include many points that allow you to evaluate the quality of the game and draw certain conclusions in order to better build your tactics for the most efficient cooking of cookies next time.

This game is suitable for people who do not like difficult games but want to spend some time with an interest in a game that does not require a developed skill or strong involvement on the part of the player (due to improvements, most of the cookies will be prepared automatically, the player only needs to allocate resources in time and buy what he/she needs).

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